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Tortuga Tattoo Company opened its doors in November of 2017.

Located in the heart of Camberley Town Centre, the award winning Tortuga has grown in strength from starting with a single artist to now housing a team of 4 artists, a Body Piercer, a Laser Technician and have proudly welcomed Guest Artists from around the UK and from around the Globe. We have also featured on Channel 4!

Tortuga prides itself in offering an excellent personal service to achieve the best bespoke designs for our clients and are proud to have artists specialising in different styles to ensure that we cater for all ideas presented to us.



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I'm the captain of the ship, the quiet one... well, until I have had a rum!

I've been tattooing now for 12 years. I got in to tattooing at a fairly late age of 34, but naturally fell in to it and became good at most styles, ' Jack of all, Master of none' as they say. I started my journey at Needlework Tattoos in Lightwater and have done various Guest Spots in and around London. I enjoy the odd convention too and you may have spotted me at Cardiff, London and Brighton to name a few.

November 2017 is when I established Tortuga Tattoo Co and from then it has gone from strength to strength and has put itself on the map within the Surrey area.

I've slowly filtered down to only a few styles in large scale including Colour Japanese, Graphic/Anime, Stylised sketch work and selected portrait work (mainly famous/movie characters) 



My first sight of a "real" tattoo was on my parents friend when I was very young.

My Dad loved music, so I got to hear all the greats growing up. From there I found Metal music at the age of 13 and fell in love with it. Punk Rock and skateboarding shortly after. That's when I started seeing lots of tattoos and got my first tattoo pretty young. After leaving school I left for the UK, couple of years later I got my first tattoo machine and started tattooing myself between a series of different jobs.

Late 2012, my good friend Richie based at Electric Lounge Tattoo, gave me the opportunity to become a full time tattoo artist taking me back to South Africa and I have been tattooing ever since.

After some travelling, I found myself here at Tortuga Tattoo making amazing new friends and doing some radical tattoos since April 2018. I enjoy doing Traditional tattoos, Japanese,  Black work and fine line tattoos. I also enjoy doing script and lettering. 





I was asked to write a bio for this. Please bare with me whilst I "mullet" over...........TRAD TATTOOS



Hey Jonny here!

I got my first tattoo back in '94 and fell in love with tattoos and the industry pretty instantly, getting my second tattoo the next week and have never really stopped since.

When Lee offered me an apprenticeship, I jumped at the chance and have never looked back. Having completed my apprenticeship I am now proudly working as Junior Artist at Tortuga.

I enjoy doing intricate tattoos. blackwork and tiny pieces, such as finger work but my real passion is Blackwork and Negative Blackout. Not everyone can see the beauty in solid black and that is what makes it so special! If in doubt, Black it out!

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Emma has been part of Tortuga since the get go having no choice as Lee's wife but to embrace the industry! Emma has been piercing professionally since 2018 and offers a wide range of Body Piercings at the studio. Emma is proud to have earned herself a reputation as a knowledgeable Piercer who delivers an excellent personal service to anyone who walks through the door.


Piercings are above waist only and Sterile High Implant Grade Jewellery used during every piercing.

Needles only - No Guns!

Piercings are anatomy dependent - Age restrictions apply - 100% ID check

Stockists of QualiTi Body Jewellery, Implant Grade and Interstellar Jewellery

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183 London Road | Camberley | Surrey | GU15 3JS

Tel: 01276 423363




Tuesday - Friday | 10:30am - 6pm
​​Saturday | 10:30am - 5pm
​Sunday & Monday | Closed

Feel free to drop us a message and include a brief message so that we can offer you a full response.

Thanks for submitting!

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